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1 февраля 2021

Чугун передельный нестандартный

Донецк | Добавлено: 10 марта 2019, номер: 10305
    ALIBABA GROUP (CIS) paves direct access to small producers of unconventional Pig Iron Blocks in Caucasus region of EU/CIS alongside Black Sea coastal countries using compact cupola or induction furnaces to produce very rough steelmaking Pig Iron in form of very rough 20kg oblong blocks. Pig Iron as major metal smelting product is already a primary Fe alloy used for further making of different grades of Steel and Steel Alloys. Typical single cupola furnace capacity is less than 1,000mt and that would rather be monthly production capacity for both domestic and exportation purposes. 100% prepayment applies when placing exportation order directly at factory and the factory is not indifferent as to who is making inquiry, real end-user with previous history or merely fictitious broker in Internet. True inquirer is expected to indicate precise quantity, precise grade and precise chemical composition also:
    Pig Iron Blocks, non-standard
    Carbon 2.8-3.5%, Silicon 0.10-0.28%
    Manganese 0.10% to 0.70%
    Phosphorous 0.02% to 0.20%
    Sulphur 0.06% to 0.45%
    Chromium 0.07% to 0.45%
    Minimal order quantity is 1,000mt because this is minimal capacity of a single blast furnace where primary Iron Ore, Coke & Catalysts for requested Pig Iron are to be smelted. Please note, any original production of Pig Iron is factory approvable but not publicly accessible process. True inquiry for particular production/offer/price has to show authentic information: 1) who (what company) is buyer/importer/consignee; 2) where (what bank) his payment is to come from; 3) how (in copies of docs) he bought/imported/consumed Pig Iron last time, to prove 1) and 2).
    ЕАSОN СНЕN – Senior Business Consultant
    +8657186688588; +86157158Ч788З
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